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In today's world, speaking to a neighbor or having an important business meeting is as easy as picking up your communication device. Telecommunication is constantly experiencing a renaissance of technological marvels and it shows in the culture of our modern world. Nearly everyone in the streets has access to a headset/phone device. Some colleges are even giving students mobile phones to make it easier to contact them during emergencies. Even now, Blue tooth headsets are rapidly beginning to replace the mobile phone with their ease of use and convenient attachments.

The industry is changing, as rapidly as one product saturating the market and another beginning to move in. Goodway is always ready to keep up with the rapid fire changes in the plastics production market as has been shown, over the past 30 years, with our ability to keep up with advances in technology and the marketplace.

Keeping up with the demand

When it became obvious that telecommunications was advancing in this direction, Goodway also made a move to specialize in supplying plastic parts to Bluetooth headsets, office headsets, and Contact Center headsets.

Major telecommunication world product leaders have since found that we are able to keep up with their demands for better, high quality plastic components.

All of these clients needed nice finishing, a wide range of decorations, value added plastic components, and an increased flexibility response from our plastics production lines. The demands required a high degree of agility and speedy response time since the consumer product market is always competitive and technology is growing very fast.

A single delay can affect the selling ability of a client's product, their company market share, and their image as a telecommunications provider. That is the reason why we work hard to improve the "Time to market" of Goodway Plastic components.