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In 2006, Goodway leapt into the fairly new area of manufacturing mobile phone keypads. During that same year there were over a billion mobile phones sold worldwide due to the increased growth of the mobile phone market and high demand from consumers.

We find that the decorative quality of a mobile phone keypad is important since such a large area of the mobile phones surface is covered by this plastics component. As a result it must be both appealing to the eye and serve its functions well.




To ensure that the keypad works the way it is intended to we use function testing as part of our quality control efforts. Function testing is excellent to use for the development of mobile phone keypads because it provides a key as the only link to discerning how well our human brains interact with and understand the software inside a mobile phone. A good mobile phone manufacturer would consider even the tactile feel of the keypad when pressed by the user as part of the testing process.


Types of Keypads:

• P.K.type Keypad
• Film (FE/FI) type Keypad
• Metal Keypad
• Flat PC Keypad